Ashley Mace Havird

Caddo Parish Poet Laureate

The Garden of the Fugitives
Winner, 2013 X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize


“From chinaberry trees and black widows to Pompeii and the Caymans, Ashley Mace Havird’s The Garden of the Fugitives explores a storied terrain where secrets are brought to life, characters strive and suffer, history and myth blend, ‘hawks razor’ and life swarms. ... Rife with dramas of consequence and memorable images, The Garden of the Fugitives is an accomplished collection of poems which earns its way line by line and accumulates force and delight as it unfolds.”  R.T. Smith, Final Judge, Editor of Shenandoah and author of In the Night Orchard

​​"The first poem in this book, 'The Lost Boys,' changed my life. .... If you haven't read these poems and you are female, do it now. You will find yourself there." Grace Bareikis, Professor Emerita Centenary College of Louisiana


Reviews in Cutbank by poet Scott Brennan and in Easy Street by writer Angela Kubinec.






Sleeping with Animals

This limited-edition collection of 19 poems is crafted by hand from 20% cotton antique laid paper in 14 patterns. (Currently sold out at the press, but signed copies are available from the author.)

Reviews by Charles Gramlich of several Yellow Flag titles, including this one.



Dirt Eaters


This collection of 19 poems was selected by Kwame Dawes to receive the 2008 South Carolina Poetry Initiative Chapbook Series Prize. 


"In 'Daughter' there is a beautifully realized metaphor of mirroring that never seems forced but is a thing of technical mastery and emotional honesty: how a mother sees herself in her daughter, and yet how, in that seeing, she is losing her daughter at the same time." Kwame Dawes, Series Editor




Hardlines: Rough South Poetry

ed. Daniel Cross Turner and William Wright



"Hard Lines" carries the full sonic and spiritual load of southerly experience along lines that have given even surrogate southerners like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards their whole rolling pulse of musication. ... This is a collection that rocks, rolls, and second lines its readers through freshly imprinted soundings of poetic narrartive and voice." Keith Cartwright, author of Sacral Grooves, Limbo Gateways

The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IV, Louisiana

ed. Paul Ruffin and William Wright

ISBN-13: 978-1-933896-77-9


​Edited by William Wright and Paul Ruffin, this anthology, Volume IV in a series,  demonstrates "the variety and resiliencey of a state that's overcome wars, hurricanes, and floods to make more of itself every time. The lines between these covers are as beautiful and diverse as the people of Louisiana, as rich as the state's history, and as promising as the future we're all working towards. Jack B. Bedell


Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse

ed. Grace Bauer and Julie Kane


An anthology of poems from women who proudly celebrate their own nastiness and that of other women who have served as nasty role models; poems by and about women defying limitations and lady-like expectations; women refusing to be "nice girls;" women embracing their inner bitch when the situation demands it; women being formidable and funny; women speaking to power and singing for the good of their souls; women being strong, sexy, strident, super-smart, and stupendous; women who want to encourage little girls to keep dreaming.

By David Havird:

Map Home



In the poem that opens this career-spanning odyssey, a blind weaver, who is at once a grandmotherly Penelope and a Homeric bard, "maps you home"—home finally, as the concluding poem reveals, to the Swamp Fox-haunted lowlands of Havird's native South. Along the way, which threads through Hardy's Wessex, the Greece of Homer and Seferis, and Jack London's Valley of the Moon, we take our bearings in "elliptical" terrain, as Rosanna Warren describes the typical setting—landscapes through whose gaps emerge the ghosts of memory and myth to engage the living in scenes of infinite moment.






Poems by Ashley Mace Havird:



Artemis, Lowestoft Chronicle


The Lost Boys, Verse Daily


Proof, Cumberland River Review


Migrant Worker, Cumberland River Review


Daughter, 14, with Scissors, Shenandoah


Thanksgiving, The Cortland Review


Pollard's Rock, Town Creek Poetry


Hurricane: The Brac, Town Creek Poetry


Wisteria, First Things


Mosaic and Sleeping with Animals, Mediterranean Poetry

The Dogs of Athens, Temple of the Olympian Zeus, Second Story, Last Judgment, Mediterranean Poetry

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